HTML Programming in VS Code

When editing HTML files in Visual Studio Code you get all of the basics and a few more things :)


As you type in HTML, we offer suggestions via HTML IntelliSense. In the image below you can see a suggested HTML element closure </div> as well as a context specific list of suggested elements.

HTML IntelliSense

We also offer up suggestions for elements, tags, some values (as defined in HTML 5) and AngularJS tags. You can trigger suggestions at any time by pressing kb(editor.action.triggerSuggest).

Format HTML

To improve the formatting of your HTML code press kb(editor.action.format) and the selected area will be reformatted.

Emmet snippets

We support Emmet snippet expansion, simply press kb(editor.emmet.action.expandAbbreviation).

Emmet HTML support built-in

Tip: See the HTML section of the Emmet cheat sheet for valid abbreviations.

We also support User Defined Snippets.

Next Steps

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