VS Code Extension Samples

This is a list to make it easy to see where all the samples are...

We have two walkthroughs that cover many of the core concepts - start with these :) Your First Extension - explains the core extensibility concepts with a walkthrough Word Count Extension - another walkthrough building on the last

Sample Extensions

Sample Description Type InGallery
Word Count Adds a word count to the status bar for Markdown files that updates on editing events. We have a walkthrough on how this was created. Extension Y
MDTools Work with selections and update based on common text processing e.g. ToUpper, HTMLEncode, ... Extension Y
TSLint Lint your TypeScript files based on TSLint Language Server Y
Spelling and Grammar Checker Configurable Markdown spelling and grammar checker. Calls an external web service for checking and supports activation, add to dictionary, error mapping. Watches for config file changes in real time. Extension Y
Mock Debugger Helps you build and test a debugger. Debuggers Y
Go Language Support Rich language support for Go Lang - IntelliSense, Debug, Peek, Rename, Syntax, ... Extension Y

Tools to Help you build an Extension

Tool Purpose
Extension Generator To help you getting started implementing an extension, we have a Yeoman generator. This creates all the initial settings you need for the development environment to work well and includes the API Typing files and any relevant modules. You can find the generator source here.
Debugging Extensions We have worked hard to provide an easy way to develop, debug and locally test your extensions.
Publishing Tool Once you have a working extension, it's time to share it in the extension Gallery. We have a simple command line tool for this. You can find the source here.

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